5 Reasons Why Michigan is the Best Place to Work


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For three years in a row, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been named one of Michigan’s “Cool Places to Work.” All it takes is a glance at those lists, which are made up of 75 companies in all, to realize one very obvious thing: Michigan is a great place to be employed. And those companies are just the beginning. Here are a few more reasons why living and working in Michigan is the best:
  1. Job opportunities continue to rise. In February 2015, Michigan added 7,300 jobs to the market. That’s in just one month. Over the past year, the state has added 89,900 jobs. Professional and business services was the top industry for growth, accounting for more than one third of the new jobs last year, with another 20,200 jobs in manufacturing.
  2. Michigan features two of the highest-demand and highest-wage careers of tomorrow. Two specific occupations—registered nurses and customer service representatives—are expected to keep growing, and both of those industries are found in Michigan. Nursing in particular is expected to see a 20 percent increase in job growth from 2008 to 2018.
  3. Michigan’s economy is growing all over. Economic prosperity was felt in several areas of Michigan, notably in the western part of the state where the economy is more diverse. Manufacturing, finance and real estate industries have all helped Grand Rapids see significant growth (the region saw a 3.9 percent rise in gross domestic product in 2013).
  4. Michigan is home to numerous growth industries. Between Michigan’s automotive, advanced manufacturing, defense and information technology industries, the opportunities are endless. Michigan produces more cars and trucks than any other state, making it number one in employment of industrial and mechanical engineers. In addition, the number of high-tech startups in Michigan is booming, making the information technology industry yet another great industry to work in across Michigan.
  5. The “life” part of work/life balance is amazing. When you aren’t at your job, you can enjoy everything Michigan has to offer, from great cities and art museums to gorgeous natural beauty.
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