6 Ways Blue Cross is Leading the Employee Fitness Revolution


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While many business owners and managers are good at saying they want to help their employees stay healthy, few actually offer the resources to enable their staff to eat well, stay active and feel less stressed. But that couldn’t be further from the truth for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Blue Cross employees are regularly encouraged to make healthy choices throughout their workday and are given the tools to help them stick with their goals. In fact, Blue Cross has made so many changes in this area over the last year they have placed in the highest category of fit-friendly workplaces, according to the American Heart Association. What exactly are they doing? Here are a few tried and true ways Blue Cross encourages employees to prioritize their physical and mental health:
  1. Walking programs: Between walking meetings, a rooftop walking track and interactive programs and competitions that challenge employees, Blue Cross encourages everyone at the company to get in at least 6,000 steps every day.
  2. Nutritious dining options: Lunch can be one of the highlights of your day, which is why Blue Cross has invested in large cafeterias that offer gourmet, healthy options at affordable prices. Choices range from broccoli quiche and freshly carved meats to fresh fish and a giant salad bar (complete with fruits, veggies and healthy proteins like quinoa and grilled chicken). The cafeterias ensure that a satisfying, guilt-free lunch is just an elevator ride away.
  3. Treadmill desks: Desks connected to treadmills take up a large amount of space and cost more than a standard work station, which is why they don’t make sense for everyone. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great way for employees to get in extra steps while working. That’s why a lounge at Blue Cross is home to two treadmill desks that all Blue Cross employees are welcome to use, as well as game systems and ping pong tables for those who need a quick brain break in the middle (or at the end) of the day.
  4. Water, water, everywhere: Drinking fountains and water bottle refill stations can be found throughout the Blue Cross offices, making it easier than ever for employees to stay hydrated while avoiding high-sugar pop and juice.
  5. Group fitness outings: Blue Cross has a fitness group that gathers outside of work, known as Active Blue. There are group runs, outings to the Dequindre Cut Fit Park and other activities that members can participate in. All an employee has to do to get involved is sign up!
  6. Smart incentives: In the same way Blue Cross cares for its members’ health, it also wants to ensure its employees are staying proactive when it comes to their well-being. To do that, they provide financial incentives to employees who keep up with their regular doctors’ appointments. They also provide a small yearly stipend for gym memberships or weight loss programs.
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