A Pledge to Make Meaningful Change

by Blues Perspectives

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Over the coming weeks, Blue Cross will bring forward specific additional actions we can take to address some of the longstanding issues at the heart of racial injustice in our society. This effort starts with listening to people in our workplace and in our communities. They will lead us. We will leverage our greatest strengths – our diverse workforce, our African American leaders and our longstanding work underway in Michigan’s communities – to facilitate substantive, positive and lasting change. Today, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies across the nation made the following declaration: In recent weeks, we have seen, heard and felt the pain in our own companies and in our communities following the senseless killing of Mr. George Floyd—and too many black men and women before him. We are resolved to answer the call that has gone out to every company and individual to fight racism in our country. For Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, this is more than a public health issue. This is personal. We serve 109 million members in every ZIP code across the U.S. Our 220,000+ employees live and work in the communities that are hurting today. We know we must do more to fight injustice in our own backyards and throughout the country. And we will do more. We will listen and learn as we work to heal our communities. The 36 independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, along with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, unite today in a pledge to build a stronger future, together:

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Blues Perspectives

Jun 18, 2020 at 1:02pm

Thank you for your comment, Jeannette. We're hopeful for real change.


Jun 18, 2020 at 12:46pm

Thank You for realizing that one of the first steps is to listen. Thank you for being willing to listen. Thank You for caring.

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