Beyond the Card: One Year Later


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Last year, 1,272 Michigan kids decided to step up to the plate with the #MIKidsCan Train like an All Star Challenge. Their mission: To pledge their commitment to healthy eating and trying new forms of exercise throughout March, 2015. From drinking more water to trying new types of fruits and veggies (Brussels sprouts, anyone?), the Challenge gave Michigan kids the motivation to step outside of their comfort zone and start down the path to a healthier lifestyle through simple habits that add up. As a reward for completing food and exercise milestones, a few lucky winners received prize packages to attend the Detroit Tigers Kids Opening Day 2015, get active on the field at Comerica Park prior to the start of the game and run the bases. We recently checked back in with a three of last year’s #MIKidsCan Train like an All Star Challenge winners to see how the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan program has kept them active, changed their eating habits and motivated them to keep training like their favorite athletes. Trent – 8 years old Flint Favorite sport/activity: I like to wrestle, play baseball and work out with my mom. Why Michigan kids should take part in the challenge: It’s really fun to do and keeps you in shape. It makes you feel better to hydrate and exercise. Favorite part of Kids Opening Day? Getting to go on the field and running the bases. Mom says: Trent drinks a ton more water and part of that is from the Challenge. He takes a water bottle to school every day and fills it up at least once. He wants to go to college and play sports and being out there on the Tigers’ field and seeing what it could be like is a drive for him I think. Even on the days we’re sore or tired, it makes him keep going and I think that’s huge. Genevieve – 13 years old Sterling Heights Favorite sport/activity: I play on a soccer team, I play basketball for my school and I’m planning on joining the track team. How the Challenge changed her habits: I’ve continued healthy habits. I try to run around the block every day and bring more water to every practice or game to stay hydrated. I’ve been more motivated to try new things since the Challenge. I tried out for the basketball team and I probably wouldn’t have done that otherwise. I also walk my dog during the winter to stay active. Favorite fruits and veggies: Baby carrots and baked potatoes (but if they’re mashed I don’t particularly like them). My friends and I even do “vegetarian challenges” where we don’t eat meat for a week. How do you stay motivated? My parents have always kept me motivated to practice and play, especially my dad. I have a soccer trophy in my room that I look at as a reminder and it motivates me. Wesley – 7 years old Lake Orion Favorite sport/activity: Wii Fitness games are my favorite because I like to do squats and I also like the Jumpstart program at school because I like running. I feel better on days with Jumpstart because it gives me energy and I can see my friends. Favorite part of the Train like an All Star Challenge? I liked it because it was really cool. I liked watching the Tigers’ game and being motivated to exercise every day. Mom says: The Challenge helped me in parenting because it helped him be more motivated to exercise and eat new food. He was a little picky before, but seeing that these new foods were helping him feel better made him try new things. It also encouraged my husband and me to be more active with him. It’s important to do it as parents—you can’t expect your kids to get healthy and exercise if you’re sitting on the couch. As a family we’re healthier and more active. [smartslider3 slider=8] Photo Credit: A Healthier Michigan This post is part of a storytelling series we call, “Beyond the Card.” These stories will feature Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members, employees, and communities who are making meaningful differences throughout our state. We invite you to follow Beyond the Card stories here at and through the hashtag, #BeyondtheCard on our social channels. If you have a story you would like to share, please feel free to contact us at
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