Beyond the Card: Weight Lost, Perspective Gained


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Changing your lifestyle to be healthier in order to lose weight can be tough—a fact some people know better than others. For some, like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members Rosa Benson and Mary Sue Krause, it helps to recruit your children, siblings, spouses and other family members for support and accountability. For others, like Blue Cross member Jim Mayne, losing weight is a personal health journey that’s best done a little more solo. Though their reasons for wanting to lose weight varied, these three members all shared one common thing: They got healthy with the help of local organization Medical Weight Loss Clinic. This clinic is a wellness consultation service with locations around Michigan helping people manage their diet, exercise and general health routines to improve their lifestyle and lose weight. It also offers Blue Cross members an exclusive discount through the Blue365 savings program. Together, they hope their stories inspire their peers, communities and fellow Blue Cross members to do the same.
Embracing the process is half the battle Mayne, in particular, knows that weight loss is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination and goal. “My weight fluctuated for years, putting me on a roller coaster of heart and medical conditions as a result,” said Mayne. “But this time is different. I’ve got the support of my team at my Medical Weight Loss Clinic and my family and I’ve lost a total of 56 pounds in the past four months. It’s been a battle, but I know that as long as I keep doing what I’ve been doing the past few months, it’s a battle I can win.” Saving dollars became an added perk As a part of Blue Cross’ member discounts program, Blue365, members can save money on the Medical Weight Loss Clinic—something many don’t realize until after they’ve signed up. “I wasn’t aware of the Blue Cross discount until I went to my first consultation,” said Krause. “I have two sisters and a co-worker who have now joined the program because I told them about the savings! We’ve been able to weigh in together and support each through the ups and downs of the whole process.” Teamwork helps make the dream work Support also made a huge difference to Benson, who signed up for the clinic with her husband and two sons. “For me and my family, the discount kept up signed up for longer, meaning we had more help losing weight and kept at it for longer than we might have otherwise,” said Benson. “Blue365 made it affordable for our whole family to get healthy through the clinic.”
The ripple effect
Most importantly, the members participating in the program say they feel better than ever. “I can bend over and tie my shoes easily and move around with less of a struggle,” said Mayne. “Plus my diabetes, liver enzymes and bloodwork are in check. I’ve made the commitment to this lifestyle and truly feel like I’m embracing it.” Benson also knows that the progress has positively impacted her family just as much as it has her own health. “Alongside my husband and two kids, I’ve lost almost 50 pounds in just a few months,” said Benson. “I’m more positive, happy and healthy—and so is my family!” All three participants, and those who attend Medical Weight Loss Clinics in general, know the value of the services they’re receiving. “I feel lucky and blessed that I found the clinic,” said Krause. “It’s helped me change my life for the better.” To learn more about Medical Weight Loss Clinic and its partnership with the Blue365 program, click here. If you’re interested in more about the weight loss achievements of our members, you may also want to read these #BeyondtheCard posts:
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