Beyond the Card: When One Door Closes, Another Opens


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Sometimes, unexpected life events occur that leave people without health insurance coverage and unsure of what to do. Help is available for people who need it. One determined health plan advisor at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan helped a father when he experienced an unexpected loss of coverage for himself and his young son. In July 2016, John Simon was faced with the unsettling realization that he and his 12-year-old son no longer had health insurance as the result of a recent divorce. It wasn’t until health care insurance claims began to come back unpaid, that the newly-single father was notified that his health insurance had been retroactively cancelled upon the date of his divorce. Unfamiliar with what to do next, having been covered by his wife’s group policy for years, John reached out to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for help. “I could hear the distress in his voice as soon as I picked up the phone,” Keith Binion, a health plan advisor at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan said. “Once he explained his situation, I was committed to helping in any way that I could.” Keith was there to help. He worked to eliminate the confusion and educate John on his options. He even helped John through the enrollment process, from selecting a plan that best met the needs of the family, to submitting the appropriate documentation to secure coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Had John not made the decision to reach out for help, he and his son may not have health insurance today. Health plan advisors, like Keith, are here to help and work to be an advocate for members, regardless of how complicated the situation may seem. “Make the call, because we’re going to do what we can to get you insurance,” said Binion. This post is part of a storytelling series we call, “Beyond the Card.” These stories will feature Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members, employees, and communities who are making meaningful differences throughout our state. We invite you to follow Beyond the Card stories here at MIBluesPerspectives.comand through the hashtag, #BeyondtheCard on our social channels. If you have a story you would like to share, please feel free to contact us at Photo credit: Barney Moss
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