Blue Cross Celebrates Commitment to Diverse Suppliers

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At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we believe that creating opportunities throughout the community is essential to our success. One way we do that is through our Supplier Diversity Program, which works to maximize the inclusion of diverse groups in the procurement of goods and services at Blue Cross. Every year, these efforts are celebrated through our Supplier Diversity Achievement Awards, which were moved online for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "As you know, we are navigating through challenging and uncertain times,” said Daniel J. Loepp, president and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, in a video celebrating the 15th annual awards. “In response, Blue Cross has made many changes over the last few months to protect the health and safety of our members, partners and employees, including how we interact with each other.” Loepp said the virtual award celebration is one more example of how Blue Cross has adapted during this time and affirms the company’s commitment to a diverse supplier base. “This year, our nation has experienced unprecedented change as we come to grips with the systemic racial bias and inequality that continue to plague our society,” Loepp continued. “Rest assured, we will not waver from our long-standing commitment to make diverse partnerships a central and non-negotiable facet of our business. Our successes to date have been possible thanks to our diverse supplier partners.” Loepp added that our partnerships help foster innovation, drive positive health outcomes and improve affordability. Tricia Keith, executive vice president, Chief Administrative Officer, also reflected on how fast the industry is moving to further promote diversity. “We need to have the tools, the techniques and the capabilities in order to continue to lead in the sector. It's with our partners that we're going to be able to build that capability,” she said. Jim Line, senior director, Corporate Procurement, said many people have a misconception about who can participate in the supplier diversity program. There are two participation tracks. Companies can be certified as diverse suppliers if they are at least 51% owned and operated by a minority, women, veteran, LGBT or person with disabilities. Or suppliers that aren’t certified can participate in the tier 2 program by tracking their diverse spend. “We find that most of our strategic and valued partners are participating in both tracks,” Line said. Learn more about Blue Cross’ Supplier Diversity Program here. Watch the video to see this year’s winners.
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