Blue Cross Interns Lead, Learn and Grow This Summer


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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a giant summer internship program that involves around 170 interns and 60 different departments. Every year from May through August, interns grow and hone their skills while getting first-hand experience working in the complex world of health care. And this past summer was no exception. Interns were kept busy with unique assignments and projects in their respective departments. “I had to time-manage and I was really challenged, but it was also very rewarding,” said Jenish Patel, who interned with pharmacy services in the clinical department. Outside of the work in their departments, interns at Blue Cross are also encouraged to participate in Blue Cross’ Young Professionals Network. Through the group, interns and young professionals at Blue Cross meet regularly to network, sharpen their skills and develop various project proposals to help improve the organization. This year’s suggestions ranged from a rooftop garden to veteran support initiatives. “This was a really great experience because, not only was I exposed to a corporate setting, but my team also focused on developing my skills,” said Emory University student Courtney Remus. At the end of the summer, teams of two to three presented their Young Professional Network project findings to the larger group—an event that allowed them to network with executives from other departments. At the presentation, interns even had the opportunity to ask Blue Cross President and CEO, Dan Loepp, questions about his professional experience. In addition to professional development, Blue Cross interns also got to participate in social events where they could network with peers and other young professionals as well as give back to the Detroit community. Several volunteer days happened over the summer, including one at Recycle Here! in Detroit’s New Center area. “I did something that mattered,” said Wayne State University student Omar Hantour. “It felt great to make a difference in Detroit.” If one recurring theme could be seen, it is how much the Blue Cross internship experience impacts each person on a personal level. “This internship gave me a real world experience,” Patel said. “I came in and I wasn’t treated like an intern—I felt like a regular employee.” If you missed your chance to intern with Blue Cross this summer, it’s not too early to start thinking about 2016. Teams are already looking for interns for next summer. To see the full listing of open positions, visit Want to learn more about Blue Cross’ internship program? Check out these other blogs:
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