Blue Cross Makes Diversity a True Priority


| 2 min read

Diversity is more than just a bold, printed word on Blue Cross’s banners. Diversity is an all-encompassing term that stands at the forefront of the company's values. And the commitment starts at the top. BCBSM President and CEO Daniel Loepp developed the Diversity Leadership Council as a way to ensure this emphasis on diversity positively impacts all employees. Through the council, executives give guidance to employees, helping everyone better understand the importance of inclusion in the workplace. When growing a diverse workforce, Blue Cross makes sure to also include employees with different religious beliefs, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, interests and skillsets. In addition, Blue Cross makes a special effort to reach out to individuals with disabilities. Blue Cross was the first employer in Wayne County to partner with Project Search, a high school transition program that provides youth with significant disabilities an opportunity to make an easier transition from school to working. By partnering with Project Search, Blue Cross has been able to hire young talent and broaden our workforce even further. A particular area of concern that is often neglected when talking about diversity is creating an environment where men and women have equal opportunities to move up the ladder. At Blue Cross, 73 percent of all employees are female, as are 41 percent of vice presidents. The national average for executive positions is 15 percent. DiversityInc magazine, the nation’s leading workplace diversity publication, placed Blue Cross on top of its 2015 Top 10 Regional Companies list for outstanding diversity management practices. As the company continues to grow, Blue Cross is dedicated to remaining a leader in diversity initiatives and continuing to set an example for how encouraging workplace diversity can help a business grow and thrive. Read the following blogs to learn more about the importance of workplace diversity and Blue Cross’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment for all:
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