Building a Healthier Michigan Business Community

Julie Bitely

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If you’re a business owner, you likely know the value your local chamber of commerce provides. With a laser focus on regional and local issues, chambers serve as a voice for the businesses they represent, helping to spur economic development and advocate on behalf of members. Similarly, associations serve a parallel role for certain types of businesses. There’s power in numbers and by representing the needs of all members of a certain profession or industry, associations can more effectively lobby to make sure their unique concerns are heard. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network enjoy an exclusive relationship with 38 chambers and associations across the state of Michigan. Not only do these relationships help us connect with existing and prospective customers, they give us a chance to hear what businesses need in their health plans. We’re better able to respond to the needs of business owners and adjust our plans that enable a healthier workforce. Having these relationships with the business community across the state is important, especially in areas where we don’t have a local presence,” explained Lois Dent, regional sales manager, Special Markets – Association and Chamber Relations, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. “Through innovative ideas and partnerships, they’ve been a tremendous resource for Blue Cross, our state and the small businesses that help Michigan thrive.” Chambers and associations are important to Blue Cross because they:
  • Represent the voice of small business customers
  • Represent approximately 75% of our employer groups with less than 50 employees
  • Support regulatory advocacy
  • Provide BCBSM and BCN with a local, community presence through event sponsorships, education and outreach
Some of our relationships with chambers and associations go back decades. Over the course of Blue Cross’ 80-year history, we’ve recognized that a healthy business climate in our state is good for everyone. Healthy businesses mean healthier employees and more resilient families. The chambers and associations we have relationships with see value in working with a trusted health plan provider and recognized, stable brand in the market. They know that carrying a BCBSM or BCN card means peace of mind and want that for their members and employees. We salute the following chambers and associations for our shared commitment and focus on building healthier workers and healthier businesses throughout the state and look forward to many more decades of working together.
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Are you a chamber or association member? How has your membership helped you grow your business? Share your appreciation in the comments. If you liked this post, read these:
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