Celebrating 40 Years: Michigan Senior Olympics


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Senior man swimming
Any event that brings community together to pursue physical activity and health is one we want to celebrate. The Michigan Senior Olympics has been providing an opportunity for those 50+ to compete in their favorite sports for 40 exemplary years. Athletes 50 and older compete in events such as archery, basketball, racquetball, softball, swimming, track & field, cycling and more. Seniors can qualify for national games at statewide events to represent the Great Lakes state. The idea behind the Michigan Senior Olympics is to enhance quality of life for seniors by “providing and developing programs in physical fitness, nutrition and enhancing mental strength and sports skill.” Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been a proud sponsor of the event for many years. We believe that aging can be healthy and inspiring. The Michigan Senior Olympics are visual proof that seniors can accomplish amazing feats of physical strength, agility and speed. If you get a chance to witness the Michigan Senior Olympics in action, you should – you’re guaranteed to be inspired to keep going and maybe strive for your own medal moment in the future. Watch this video for proof:
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