Three Ways to Help Employees Be Proactive About Their Health


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You want to keep your employees healthy, which is why you’ve included Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO in your benefits package. But you also need to encourage your employees to be engaged in their own health care. This won’t just improve their own physical and mental health: Having a team of people who actively work at staying healthy benefits your company by keeping costs down, boosting productivity and benefiting your bottom line. Here’s how to encourage your entire team to become active participants in their well-being:
  • Let them know about Blue Cross® Health & Wellness and the mobile app: The more they know about the current state of their health, the better able they’ll be to take care of themselves. On this site, which is available to all Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO members, they’ll be able to complete a health assessment, find healthy recipes, and connect with other people to form a support group. And don’t forget to also encourage them to download the Blue Cross mobile app—it allows them to perform wellness checks, set goals and more.
  • Add incentives for annual physicals: It’s such a simple thing, but having a doctor perform routine screenings and tests once a year can catch problems early and make sure your employees stay on top of any health issues. Offer your employees “unsick days” to use for doctor’s appointments or offer a $50 gift card to the local coffee shop for those who actually go.
  • Create an interactive wellness program: It’s too easy for an employee to just ignore your wellness program if there aren’t incentives (like a free personal day for compliance) or it isn’t easy to participate in. Make it simple by holding on-site events, like having a yoga instructor come by at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon to end the week with some relaxation.
While you can’t force anyone to care more about their health, you can set systems in place to increase the kind of behavior that will benefit your employees and your company. For more about how Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO can help you keep your employees healthy, check out these other blogs:
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