Four Workday Headache Diversions

by Dr. Tanya Martin

| 2 min read

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Headache pain and migraines are the fourth leading cause of workplace disability, and a workday headache could have its roots outside the office as well as within. As a business owner, you can help your employees avoid headaches during the work day by trying the following:
  1. Stock healthy food and encourage employees to drink water throughout the day. A nutritious diet and staying hydrated can reduce the risk of stress headaches.
  2. Eye strain from viewing a computer screen for long periods of time can bring on a headache. Position computers the correct distance away from your employees’ chairs. Encourage them to look away from their screen and briefly close their eyes throughout the day. Computer use can also cause dry eyes, so having eye drops available for quick relief is helpful.
  3. Encourage gym memberships through a reimbursement program. Regular exercise lowers stress levels and unwinds muscle tightness (two of the biggest causes of tension headaches).
  4. Lastly, help your employees feel less stressed by tweaking the office culture. Encourage a 10 to 20 minute break every day or restrict email responses before and after business hours. It’s also important to help your employees find the right balance between work, family and social lives and to encourage them to adopt relaxation practices, like working out, breathing exercises and yoga.
If tension and stress headaches occur often—or if there are other concerning changes—encourage the employee to see a doctor. People who suffer from migraine headaches are two to five times more likely to get diagnosed with depression or anxiety, so it’s important they address the issue early. For more information on employee wellness, check out these other blogs:
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