Life is Better with Paperless EOBs

Susanne Antosh

| 2 min read

You’ve got to agree. Life is way better with:
  • Cheese on your pizza
  • Brad and Angelina — together!
  • Endless YouTube videos of Maru the cat
  • Paperless EOBs
Ok, we know what you’re thinking: Absolutely on the first three, but paperless EOBs? Oh yes, without a doubt, paperless EOBs make life better. Here’s where we get serious. When employees choose paperless EOBs, they enjoy less mail, less clutter, less shredding and less stress drowning in all that paper. EOB statements help employees understand: ► How we’ve paid their claim. ► The cost of their health care services. ► The amount they owe. After receiving care, we send them an explanation of benefits statement (the familiar “This is not a bill” document). We recommend that employees promptly review their EOB statements, compare them with the doctor’s bill and confirm everything’s correct. They’re quick and convenient Without any snail-mail time added to the delivery of statements, paperless EOBs are ready to view online the moment they’re complete. Employees receive a notification by email when a new EOB posts to their member account. They can quickly and easily view their EOB details with the Blue Cross mobile app or their account. And, when needed, employees can share EOBs by email with their doctors, relatives or caregivers. They’re secure No worry necessary, going paperless is a safe option. The EOB notification emails don’t include any vulnerable private health information. They do include an encrypted link that’s protected by a password and firewall. This link takes members directly to their new EOB statements. Safe and secure. They’re forest friendly Reducing paper keeps our forests healthy. Healthy forests support a diverse habitat of life, help us breathe and keep our air clean. Let employees know they can change their lives for the better by:
  • Logging in to their member account
  • Verifying that their email address is correct
  • Selecting Paperless Options, then the link to change their EOB statement to electronic (paperless).
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