How to Make the Most of Your Career in 2016


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While the most popular resolutions tend to be about health (66 percent of goals are fitness-related), why not think outside the box and vow to refresh your career in 2016? Here are five tips from the human resource team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan that will help you reinvigorate your professional goals and make 2016 your most successful year yet.
  • Review your personal goals: Ask yourself recently what you want to accomplish in your career. To keep yourself focused on the future, create 30-day, 60-day and 90-day goals. These can be about work/life balance (like checking your work email less at nights and on weekends), new ways to feel inspired at work (like taking an art class to boost creativity) or even creating time to become closer to coworkers.
  • Refresh your resume: Even if you aren’t on the job hunt, your resume should reflect your work and accomplishments. Not only will you be ready if an unexpected opportunity arises, but updating your resume periodically is a great exercise to stay on track with your goals.
  • Connect with old colleagues and college friends: Getting back in touch with people you’ve fallen out of contact with can expand your network. Make time to grab coffee or shoot an email to see what people are up to—you never know when someone might have the perfect opportunity for you or offer a connection.
  • Take your vacation: Maintaining your motivation to give your all at work can be a challenge, but taking time off helps. Even a quick weekend getaway can improve mental health and overall attitude. In fact, employees who take their designated vacation days have been proven to be happier and promoted more quickly than those who don’t.
  • Attend networking events: Just like old friends, new professional connections have the ability to spark ideas and offer new perspectives on your current situation. Explore local networking events in your area or find groups you’ll fit in with through Meetup.
Have any tips for how you’re making 2016 your “Career Year”? Please share in the comments. And explore more blogs about moving forward in your career from this site as well as A Healthier Michigan:
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