Silver Sneakers Program Helps Blue Cross Retiree Shed 30 Pounds

Rebecca Harris

| 2 min read

Finding ways to stay active in retirement can be challenging, especially for those who are used to being on their feet all day at work. Many individuals are used to keeping active at work, so the drastic change from a busy to a relaxed lifestyle after retirement can be jolting. Bob Battaglia, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan retiree, is a prime example of someone who found a way to stay healthy and fit after retirement. Battaglia credits Blue Cross’ Silver Sneakers program and counting calories for helping him lose 30 pounds. Silver Sneakers is a fitness program available to seniors with select health plans. The program provides members with access to a number of fitness centers, fitness classes and social events to help them improve their physical and mental health.
Battaglia is from Lexington, Mich. but often travels to Alabama during the winter months. While living down south, Bob said he participated in a number of group fitness classes, like step aerobics, yoga, barre latte and “pump it up.” “I used the program every day of the week,” said Battaglia, who has been using the Silver Sneakers program since it became available in January. His workout routine included a mix of step aerobics, barre latte and yoga classes each day. Besides weight loss, Battaglia said the program came with unexpected benefits, including an expanded social network. “I’ve made so many new friends and things just keep getting better,” he said. “Silver Sneakers is an outstanding program and I am so thankful BCBSM provides it to us retirees who choose BCN Advantage.” Inspired by the program, Battaglia now has a personal health goal to walk a minimum of 15,000 steps per day. He now also keeps a daily food journal to help him keep track of his eating habits. “Healthy seniors mean lower health care utilization and lower health costs, so it is a win-win for all involved,” said Battaglia. For more information about the Silver Sneakers program visit their website. If you enjoyed this blog, you might also want to check out:
Photo Credit: Jeff Blackler
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