Speak Up: Why Activated Patients Often Receive Better Care


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Having a trusting relationship with your doctor is an important factor in staying healthy. One of the best ways to build that trust is by taking on an active role in your health care decisions. Activated patients are those who are conversational with their doctors, asking questions and investing time in understanding his or her recommendations. If your doctor orders a test or procedure, you have choices for where you go for those services. With the help of the new Blue Cross Rewards* program, you can easily compare the costs of services, like an ultrasound, sinus surgery or MRI, and even earn e-gift cards for choosing cost-effective provider locations. By asking questions about your specific health conditions and care options, you ensure you understand the diagnosis and steps for care. For example, if you receive a diagnosis for a condition or a prescription for a drug with which you’re unfamiliar, talking with your doctor can help you feel at ease, active in the decision-making process, and empowered about your overall well-being. This same approach can be helpful when understanding your options for recommended procedures like mammograms and colonoscopies. The first step you should take is to collaborate on your care with your doctor. Being in sync with your doctor ensures you understand the benefits and risks of the procedures, and it gives you the information you need to do your own research on costs, if needed. To get started with Blue Cross Rewards, you’ll need an online member account. Visit bcbsm.com/get-rewards or use the Blue Cross app. With Blue Cross Rewards, you’ll use your member account to shop for the eligible health care service or procedure you need, and then sign up for the reward. Some health procedures may require prior authorizations, so consult with your doctor before making an appointment. In addition to the Rewards program, your online account can help manage plan details, see prior authorization status, provide information on your benefits, coverage and more. Looking for more on Blue Cross Rewards? Check out these blogs:
Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan *The Blue Cross RewardsSM program is available to most commercial fully insured PPO group members.

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