Three Improvements Happening on the Michigan Health Scene


| 2 min read

When you think about the state of public health in Michigan, obesity or diabetes rates (both of which impact many Michiganders’ lives) are a big concern. But there are some positive things happening in the state, too. Thanks to outreach, funding and new programs, Michiganders are starting to live healthier, recover from surgeries faster, and feel more secure because they are able to have health insurance. Here are just a few of the positive health trends happening around the state:
  • Progress is being made to keep babies alive: Infant mortality rates in Michigan are on their way down—14.6 percent since 2000—and initiatives are in place to keep that momentum going. This March, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released a plan providing a roadmap for Michigan to continue to decrease the infant mortality rate (the percentage of babies who die before reaching their first birthday). For more information on the plan, visit
  • Patient care across Michigan hospitals is improving: As a result of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Value Partnership programs, patients across the state now receive safer, higher quality care while saving the state money (recently, savings reached $1.4 billion). While the program has been in place for a decade, the improvements to care in Michigan show no sign of slowing down. Recent highlights include fewer emergency room visits, lower rates of complication from surgeries and a reduction in surgical site infections. For a full list, check out our Partners in Health Care Report.
  • More Michiganders are insured: Michigan’s uninsured rate has been lowered to seven percent of the total population, down from 10 percent the previous year, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That means more Michiganders have access to free preventive care and routine doctor’s appointments as well as the peace of mind that comes from being covered.
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