We Pledge to Be a Part of the Change We Wish to See

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On June 17, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies across the nation joined in a pledge to stand united against racism, hate and discrimination. Read the full pledge and our commitments to action here.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan understands the power of words but is driven by action. We are committed to creating safe and inclusive environments that promote equality, accessibility and good health. Over the years, we’ve partnered with multiple organizations and leaders to meet the needs of Michigan’s most vulnerable residents. In 2019, Blue Cross announced a $5 million commitment to Mayor Mike Duggan’s Strategic Neighborhood and Affordable Housing Leverage Fund. As one of seven organizations contributing to the $35 million initiative, our funds will be used to support local businesses, restore streetscapes and preserve affordable housing. Blue Cross also believes in prioritizing education. Schools are the cornerstone of every community, teaching skills that go beyond the classroom. In 2009, we created the Building Healthy Communities program alongside public and private partners to combat the growing obesity epidemic. By providing wellness education and better food options, countless children have learned proper nutrition and improved their health. One of our largest resources for community outreach is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation. Every year, we give nearly $2 million in grants to research and community programs that address critical health issues affecting vulnerable populations. This includes mental and physical illnesses that often disproportionately affect minorities or low-income individuals. Through our supplier diversity initiatives, we’ve developed partnerships with a diverse group of vendors and business partners to better serve Michigan communities while also providing them with resources to succeed in variety of ways. Blue Cross will continue to use our platform to generate positive change throughout Michigan. We will always listen, engage and act within the best interests of all people.

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