The Trust and Care That Comes Only With Blue Cross Coverage: Why I Switched Back

by bcbsm

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With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan coverage, you can expect to receive personalized, clear and simple member service. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in keeping you healthy, offering high quality care to every member. And we value our member’s feedback– listening and responding to needs drives our business. That’s why we were so excited to hear the story of one member who switched to another provider, but shortly came back because of the top-notch support he received from a Blue Cross Health Plan Advisor. Customer service, one-on-one communication and our deep rooted history helped show Timothy that Blue Cross can’t be matched. Timothy had received Blue Cross health insurance through his employer for years. But in August 2014, he retired and had to start shopping for his own plan. While researching and comparing new plans, he spoke with Kathleen Davidson, a Health Plan Advisor at Blue Cross. Kathleen helped Timothy transition to a Blue Cross individual plan outside of the open enrollment period, but when that plan ended, he switched to another insurance because it was cheaper. "Kathleen put her best foot forward, but it was ultimately my decision to change,” Timothy says. "I remember telling Kathleen I made the decision to go another route – I wanted to let her know because she was so helpful and took time to explain plans and costs." A few months after switching plans, Timothy was informed that his new insurance company was no longer servicing Michigan. With that news, he immediately reached out to Kathleen because of the trust he had in her. She was able to work with him to figure out that a more affordable HMO plan was the best for his needs. "Kathleen provided excellent, wonderful service,” Timothy says. "She spent the time to understand my specific situation and asked me questions along the entire process – it was so refreshing to get service like that. When you are in need and making a life transition like I was, you need someone to help you along the way.” This is exactly why we have Health Plan Advisors available to help you evaluate options based on your budget and needs to find the best match plan for you. We are proud to be the largest health insurer in Michigan, providing care to 4.5 million Michiganders. To shop for 2016 individual plans, check out our website You can also speak to a Health Plan Advisor like Kathleen at 888-899-4931.

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