Finding Quality Care On My Schedule

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Finding care
This blog is a guest post written by Dawn Stowe, manager of Marketing Strategy and Member Engagement for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. With two young children, knowing where to go the moment a cough hits or an eye looks pink can be a timesaver. While our pediatrician is my usual go-to, sometimes our schedules don’t always line up. This was the case when I needed to get my 3-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter in for their annual flu shots. When I called the pediatrician’s office to make these appointments, they only offered times while I was working.
Dawn Stowe, Manager, Marketing Strategy and Member Engagement for BCBSM
Dawn Stowe That’s when I remembered my coverage included care at the CVS MinuteClinic®. They can provide basic medical care as well as flu shots. It was easy, too. I checked us in at a kiosk and within a few minutes we were led to a private exam room where we met the nurse practitioner. She was great; very professional and answered my questions about the shot. Besides getting protection from the flu, I had some other “mom-wins”: We were done in 20 minutes; the kids got stickers for their bravery; and I received a $5 off $25 coupon for a future CVS purchase.​
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