Optimizing Your Plan: Finding a Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO Level 1 Doctor

by bcbsm

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Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s newest health care plan, providing members with access to our wide-reaching PPO network at a lower cost. It does this by relying on Organized Systems of Care (OSCs), which are communities of physicians, specialists and hospitals that work together to provide customized care. This, in turn, translates to lower costs for our members. Getting the Most Out of Your Plan Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO has three cost-sharing levels: Level 1 OSC, Level 2 and Out-of-Network. This set-up allows you to see the doctors or specialists you want while giving you options for saving on out-of-pocket costs. To receive the highest quality care at the lowest cost, members are encouraged to choose a primary care physician in a Level 1 OSC. You’ll be able to use doctors and specialists within that same OSC without a referral or see someone outside of that OSC but within the PPO network with a referral—allat the same low-cost level. You don’t have to choose a primary care doctor in a Level 1 OSC, but you’ll end up paying more for your care. How to Find a Level 1 Doctor Now that you know the benefits that come with having a primary care physician in a Level 1 OSC, you might be wondering how to find one. The best place to start is the Blue Cross Find a Doctor Tool, found on bcbsm.com or the Blue Cross App. After registering for an account, or logging in, you can search for doctors or hospitals in the Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO plan, do a side-by-side comparison of providers and even see doctor and hospital quality reports. A colored bubble will appear in the doctor’s contact information signifying if they are in an OSC and their level. To learn more about the Find a Doctor tool, or more tools and resources available to Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO members, please visit PhysicianChoicePPO.com or these blogs:
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