The Simple Way Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO Coordinates Your Care


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Blue Cross® Physician Choice PPO is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s new, innovative product that provides access to the entire PPO network while giving you lower out-of-pocket costs when you choose to coordinate your care through an Organized System of Care. OSCs are a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Value Partnerships program, which encourages medical professionals and health centers to collaborate with one goal: provide best possible care for patients at the lowest cost. Using the patient centered medical home model as its foundation, providers in an Organized System of Care care for patients across all settings in an effort to streamline care, reduce repeated tests and labs, and make the system work better for patients. Organized Systems of Care are similar to Accountable Care Organizations, where a community of caregivers accepts accountability for a specific patient population. OSCs, however, have a broader focus on creating health care systems that work for patients by encouraging the providers within the OSC to work together to coordinate and integrate care. Currently, nearly 15,000 primary care physicians and specialists participate in one of our multiple Organized Systems of Care across Michigan. Blue Cross Physician Choice PPO is the first product where members can choose to receive care within an OSC for lower out-of-pocket costs while maintaining access to the PPO network. To maximize your plan, log in to your account at (or create an account if this is your first visit). Next, click the Doctors & Hospitals tab in the blue bar, select Primary Care Doctor on the Find a Doctor page. After searching for a doctor, your search results will list the doctor’s OSC, which is important to note for future care needs. Each member on your plan will need to select a primary care doctor. If this sounds like the kind of plan that would fit you or your business, contact your Blue Cross agent or go to for more information. Photo Credit: Army Medicine
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