3 Practical Reasons Why Young People Need Health Insurance

by Adriane Davis

| 1 min read

For many young people, signing up for health insurance is at the bottom of the to-do list. If you’re relatively healthy, rarely ever get sick, and never go to the doctor, why would it be on your priority list? The truth is, accidents happen and practical things that may never cross your mind would cost a whole lot more, without insurance. Even if you’re under 26 and still on your parent’s insurance, dental and vision may not be covered. So if you need glasses or chip your tooth, you'll be stuck with a substantial bill that you didn't budget for. What then? Here are three common ways that health insurance could really help buffer costs of care.
Medical Issue:Costs Without Insurance*:Costs With Insurance*:
Contacts or glasses: About 60 percent of people ages 18 to 34 wear contacts or glasses, which means that more than likely, you’ll need a new prescription pretty soon. Eye exam: $80-$150 Prescription: $50-$100 Cost of contacts: $110-$400 Cost of glasses: $50-$600 Eye exam: $10-$45 Prescription: $15-$40 Cost of contacts: $0-$110 Cost of glasses: $0-$100
Common injuries: People who are young and in good health are more likely to take more risks, and with risks comes the possibility of serious injury. Even if you don’t consider yourself a risk taker but are at the gym a few times a week, you could potentially harm yourself while working out. Broken leg: $2,000-$17,000 Broken arm: $2,500-$10,000 ACL reconstruction: $20,000-$50,000 Broken leg: $250-$1,000 Broken arm: $250-$1,000 ACL reconstruction: $800-$3,000
Dental visits: If you don’t go to the dentist every year for your annual cleaning, chances are you will need your wisdom teeth removed sooner than later. Beyond wisdom teeth extraction, deep cavities can cause infections that require root canals. How much does all of that cost? Wisdom teeth extraction:$720-$2,700 Cavity filling:$100-$350 Root canal:$600-$1,550 Wisdom teeth extraction:$150-$1,100 Cavity filling: $50-$125 Root canal:$300-$650
*Costs with and without insurance are estimates based on national averages from health.costhelper.com. Costs with insurance are estimated out-of-pocket costs, including co-pays. To explore 2015 health insurance options, visit bcbsm.com/myblue or call 1-855-237-3501. Photo credit: suanie

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