3 Ways Blue Cross Makes Patient Safety a Priority

by Taylar Kobylas

| 2 min read

It’s National Patient Safety Week, a week designed to recognize the advancements that have been made in the patient safety arena and to spur all the participants in the health care process to take action to reduce errors that cause harm to patients. This year, the NPSA week theme is "United in Healthcare," and it's easy to see why being a safe patient not only benefits patients themselves, but also the providers and caregivers in health care settings. Blue Cross is dedicated to helping improve the quality of care that everyone in Michigan receives. This is why Blue Cross continues to partner with hospitals and doctors throughout Michigan to help improve patient safety and lower the cost of care. Here are three examples:

Making improvements to hospital procedures

Since 1997, Blue Cross has been working with Michigan hospitals to address some of the most common and costly areas of surgical and medical care. Hospitals collect, share and analyze data, and then design and implement changes to improve patient outcomes and decrease unnecessary health care costs. Over a five-year period, five of these collaborations resulted in a savings of $597 million in health costs. While the dollar savings are important, what's more important is that these programs are saving and improving lives.

Eliminating errors related to prescriptions, such as improper dosages and drug interactions

When it comes to prescription drugs, you get a team of doctors and pharmacists looking out for your safety – and your budget. These experts help us develop programs we use to:
  • Identify potential problems with your prescription
  • Make sure you’re getting the right drug for the right situation
  • Lower prescription drug costs

Building programs that spur collaboration

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has several nationally recognized, award-winning programs that bring together all the health care stakeholders with aligned incentives. These programs, such as our Patient-Centered Medical Home program and Organized Systems of Care program, put the emphasis on value-based care, encouraging and rewarding the development of highly functioning health care systems. To learn more about how Blue Cross is working to improve patient safety, clinical quality and care process efforts, visit valuepartnerships.com. Liked this post? You may also enjoy these blogs:
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