Blue Cross Members Share Their ‘Why’ for Losing Weight

Julie Bitely

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Would you like more energy, confidence and an overall healthier outlook on life? Those are the notable changes five Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members say they’ve experienced after losing weight. By taking advantage of an exclusive discount offered to Blue Cross members through the Blue365 savings program, they teamed up with their local Medical Weight Loss Clinic and changed their lives. Medical Weight Loss Clinic, a Michigan-based company, has more than 30 years' experience helping people regain control of their weight. Because everyone is unique, they offer customized, non-surgical weight loss programs featuring real food you can buy at the grocery store. Programs provide one-on-one encouragement with the right combination of clinical and lifestyle support to fit your personal needs, tailored to ensure long-term healthy weight management. Each of the five members had their own motivation for wanting to shed the weight. Here are their reasons for deciding to change their lifestyle and what’s different for them as a result: Kyle Lobes lost 76 pounds in 14 weeks.
My weight was affecting not only my health, but was affecting my ability to have the life I deserved and the life I promised my wife and kids. I wanted to be an energetic and happy father and husband. I have more energy than ever before, and I’m playing with my kids more and keeping up with them. I’m smiling a lot more and hopeful for the future. Read Kyle’s story.
Vivian Dabish lost 47 pounds in 25 weeks. I had a stroke at the age of 42 and knew if I continued to be overweight and unhealthy I wouldn’t be around for my children. (My cardiologist) said that the weight loss has reduced my risk of another stroke significantly and has helped my heart to the point where he doesn’t feel I will need surgery he had suggested. I have more energy and I feel better both inside and out! Read Vivian’s story. Ryan Kintz lost 40 pounds in 11 weeks.
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with an A1C of eight. After battling acceptance and responsibility of taking better care of myself for a while, I tried various diets or healthier eating trends and exercising. They all failed. Thanks to my weight loss, my confidence has soared and I am taking on new challenges and pushing myself even more, which includes entering two mini triathlons this year and trying yoga for the first time. I continue to work on proper nutrition to fuel my body for these new adventures and I am better equipped with knowledge now more than ever before. Read Ryan’s story.
Rosemarie Smelly lost 42 pounds in 22 weeks. After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I was afraid. Afraid that I would not be able to do things with my family such as continue to cook our family Sunday dinners. I wanted to be around for all my babies – four children, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Now, I walk daily and ride my stationary bike. The best part of all? I exercise with my grandchildren. I walk to the park with my great-grandbabies and play catch with them and can even now play on the swings with them. I am blessed with a beautiful family and I don’t want any of them wondering why I didn’t take better care of myself. Read Rosemarie’s story. Marci Kelly lost 111 pounds total!
It was a three-year journey, and each time she attended she lost more. I had been to the clinic three times and when I turned 34 years old I said to myself, 'this year I finish what I started.' For the first time I feel like I don’t have to struggle anymore. Now I say ‘I did it, I am here forever.’ Read Marci’s story. Inspired? If you’re a Blue Cross member, access the Medical Weight Loss Clinic discount by logging into your account and clicking on the Health & Wellness tab, where you’ll find member discounts through Blue365®. Like this post? You might also enjoy:
Main image photo credit: Yelena Yemchuk Member photos courtesy of Medical Weight Loss Clinic, used with permission.

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