Detroit: One of the Best Cities to Launch a Career


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Deciding on an internship is a big deal—it can impact how strong your resume looks, who you network with and what companies might be interested in hiring you in the future. But in addition to considering factors like what field you want to go into and how much hands-on experience you’ll get, you also need to think about the internship’s location. Pick the right city and you’ll be surrounded by others in your industry with access to lots of opportunities to grow professionally and personally. That’s why so many people choose Detroit for their internships. The city is home to more and more millennials (it’s seen a 9.2 percent increase in residents in their 20s since 2010), companies based there are hiring a lot of people and the cost of living is well below the national average. Need even more reasons to launch your career in Detroit? Here are three recent Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan interns on why it was a no-brainer: Zabebah Mohamed Ethics and Compliance Graduate Intern
When you think about someone from New York City, you probably wouldn’t normally think they’d decide to leave for Michigan. I always thought no other place could compare to the fierce competition of New York, but I was wrong. Since starting my career in Michigan, I am constantly surrounded by people with high goals and aspirations, and most importantly, people who seek to help others grow and expand their careers. Moving to Michigan was certainly a big change, but I was wrong to think my career would not grow anywhere other than New York. This change was for the better and Michigan is now my home.” Nicole Bell Individual Small & Mid Group Servicing Intern
“Michigan is ever-changing, growing, and evolving and has taught me to be the same. I always have the opportunity to experience something new, from attending baseball games at Comerica Park to shopping at Eastern Market. Working in Detroit has been great for my career as it has provided me the opportunity to learn, grow and experience new things. It has immersed me in a diverse culture, exposed me to a large city, and re-sparked my interest in my field of study.” David Nguyen IT Enterprise Project Management Intern
“Growing up in Michigan, I have found myself to really love this state and all the great things that it offers. We have the Great Lakes, good weather (most of the time), and great cities like Detroit. Detroit has been a fantastic place to start my career, especially in the world of IT since there’s such a heavy tech presence here. There is a growing place for young entrepreneurs in the area and it’s awesome to be in the developing stages of the Detroit’s comeback.” For more background on the intern experience at Blue Cross, visit these other blogs:
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