The Millennial Workforce and Volunteerism: Making an Impact


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By 2020, Millennials will make up approximately 50 percent of the workforce. So it’s no surprise that this group, defined as those born between 1980 and 2000, is changing office culture. And one of the biggest ways they’re doing so is by valuing benefits other than salary. Things like having a purpose, making a difference and caring about what they do rank high. In fact, research shows that many would trade a higher salary for a more fulfilling role. Additionally, Millennials love to give back to meaningful causes by volunteering in their free time as well as with work colleagues. According to the Case Foundation and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 47 percent have volunteered through their workplace in the last month. More importantly, 50 percent state that which charitable causes a company supports is an important factor in deciding where to work.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is an organization that is truly dedicated to giving back to the community. Through grants and a wide variety of programs, BCBSM is set on promoting good health throughout the state. Just to get an idea, some of their largest support programs are:
  • The American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
  • The American Heart Association Heart Walk (160 employees, including 59 team captains, walked their way to raising more than $16,000)
  • The American Kidney Association Kidney Walk
  • The Crohn's and Colitis Walk
BCBSM employees also participate in Volunteer days that, in the past, have consisted of cleaning up and reactivating unused alleys and parks in Detroit. Additionally, BCBSM’s employees participate in fundraising activities for the Alzheimer's Association, Capuchin Kitchen, Crash's Animal Shelter, God's Kitchen, Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics and the U.P. Paw Animal Shelter.

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