Two Steps to a New Health Insurance Card

Lucy Ciaramitaro

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You walk into the doctors office with a nasty cough and rising fever and approach the receptionist only to find your health insurance card is missing from your wallet—what now? Don’t panic. While it can be inconvenient in the moment, losing your health insurance card is easily resolved and does not affect your coverage regardless of the time it takes to receive a new ID card. Whether it’s lost or damaged, the card replacement process is relatively simple, but while you're waiting, why not get to know some of the forms of virtual identification available right at your fingertips?
  • Step #1: Call the customer service number on your Explanation of Benefits statement. Tell them you’ve lost or damaged your health insurance card and follow the given directions. If you don’t have the document handy, call: 1-313-225-9000. For future reference, consider adding this number to your phone's contact list.
  • Step #2: After you’ve ordered your new card, open or download the BCBSM app. Once you’ve logged in, your virtual card can be found on the left-hand side of the screen under “ID Card.” Reference the photos below:
Typically, it can take two to three weeks to receive a new ID card in the mail. Be patient and proactive. Use this time to learn more about the resources that are available and how to avoid a future occurrence:
  • Keep your health insurance card in a secured pocket of your wallet or purse, avoiding loose or easily accessible locations. Consider a place that can be securely closed with a zipper or button.
  • Avoid placing your ID card in the pockets of clothing to prevent damage or loss in the laundry
  • Create a photo copy of your ID and store in a separate location so that the information on your card is available on a "spare"card.
  • After using your ID, be sure to check that you've securely placed it back in your wallet or purse before leaving your care provider's office.
Note: If you are the holder of a red, white or blue Medicare card, the process to receive a new card goes through the U.S. Social Security Administration. If you liked this post, you might also enjoy:
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