2019 Blue Care Network Annual Report

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Health care inspired by … our customers

Your employees’ health and well-being are important to you — and us. Like you, we’re committed to offering your employees, our members, quality health care options. And, we understand how important it is for you to attract and retain valuable talent. In 2019, we expanded and improved our product options and services for your employees, delivering the following:

Innovative products

  • The Preferred Drug List, our newest drug coverage option, saved an average of 3% in annual prescription costs last year.
  • In 2019, there were more than 10,000 eligible members registered for Blue Cross Online VisitsSM, and 32% of them used it to get care when they needed it. Usage of our online visits increased by 86% compared to 2018.

Expanded health and benefit management programs

  • The newest addition to our site of care benefit management program offered members the convenient option to get injectable or infusible drugs at home instead of in a higher-cost setting.
  • We expanded pharmacy coverage to include biosimilars, a lower-cost alternative to brand-name drugs, saving us approximately $8.5 million in 2019.
  • An exclusive program with Walgreens provided discounted 90-day prescription refills for people with chronic conditions. Our specialty pharmacy discounts, dispensing fees and the Walgreens program delivered more than $380,000 in prescription savings in 2019.

At your service

We support you throughout the entire plan year — not just during open enrollment:
  • In 2019, our field specialists visited more than 500 customers on site, offering hands-on, personal support.
  • Our certified health coaches supported nearly 35,000 members in over 160 events, including health and well-being sessions and employee health fairs.

Resources and tools for you

Your personalized employer account information online Log in to your secure online employer account at bcbsm.com for tools and resources to manage the details of your health plan. Depending on your plan, you can:
  • View employer and member information, add and update member contracts, request ID cards
  • Access your account through eBilling
  • See benefit summaries of your employees’ coverage
  • Receive wellness education materials to share with employees
bcbsm.com/engage Visit bcbsm.com/engage for digital tool kits that cover a variety of topics. Choose from our open enrollment materials, brochures, flyers, videos, signage, email templates and other online resources to help your employees get the most out of their Blue Care Network coverage. Blue Cross agents and sales representatives Ask them for guidance so you can make the best choices for your business. Field Services Receive dedicated customer support with your assigned Blue Care Network field specialist. They visit you on site, help you with claims and benefits, attend open enrollment events to give employee presentations and offer other support. To reach your assigned field specialist, call 1-877-465-5120. Health coaches Our certified health coaches provide free on-site, well-being sessions on healthy lifestyles and stress management. They also support your employee health fairs by providing health screenings, well-being displays and educational materials. To schedule an event, contact your Blue Cross agent or sales representative. Read the online 2019 Blue Care Network Annual Report. Photo credit: Peter Charnaev
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