Blue Cross Launches Programs to Help Simplify Health Care Experience for Members 

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Imagine if someone called you to remind you about your flu shot. Or if a nurse was available to answer your medical questions in a secure chat through a smartphone app. Or if you had a doctor’s appointment – but didn’t have a way to get there – that your insurance company could help get you a ride. That level of personalized service and support is now available to some members through the expansion of the Blue Cross Coordinated Care℠ program offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.  Blue Cross Coordinated Care now offers a variety of solutions to customers that help simplify members’ health care experience through personalized clinical guidance, care management and enhanced customer service.  Blue Cross Coordinated Care Core serves as the foundation of the portfolio. This program uses enhanced analytics to identify members who would benefit most and those who need support with complex needs or chronic conditions. Members are connected to a nurse who leads a care team that includes doctors, social workers, pharmacists and behavior health specialists. Care teams are regionally aligned to coordinate with local providers and community resources. Blue Cross Coordinated Care Navigator builds on the Core program. This solution offers all members and their family access to Clinical Navigators — clinically trained nurses who provide personalized guidance and help navigating the health care system by offering help in understanding a diagnosis or bridging gaps in care, and much more. Blue Cross Coordinated Care Advocate builds upon both Core and Navigator. This solution replaces traditional customer services with member advocates who help address members’ specific needs on all their benefits and go the extra mile to help simplify their health care experience.

Blue Cross Coordinated Care SuiteSM

Blue Cross Coordinated Care Suite offers a collection of digital health resources. It's designed to be paired with Navigator or Advocate to provide extra resources for members with specific health care needs. Suite offers whole-person care featuring Livongo diabetes and hypertension solutions. Most adults with diabetes, prediabetes or hypertension have at least one comorbid condition. That’s why we offer three Livongo data-driven, digital solutions that focus on the whole person, not just individual conditions. Available options include:
  • Diabetes management
  • Prediabetes management
  • Hypertension management
These programs provide comprehensive, integrated support for comorbid conditions, such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and mental health. Suite also offers expert medical opinions, including a 2nd MD. This solution gives members facing a difficult diagnosis access to board-certified, leading doctors across the nation for an expert second opinion by phone or video within three to five days. To learn more about how Blue Cross Coordinated Care can benefit your company, visit More from MIBluesPerspectives:
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