Open Enrollment Goes Virtual

by Amy Barczy

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Couple applying for health insurance
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employers to re-think how they run their businesses – and it’s meant a dramatic rise in the use of virtual events and tools to stay connected while apart. The pandemic has also reinforced the importance of health care and a health plan that puts members first. When members understand their health plan coverage, they are more satisfied with their benefits and provider network available to them. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committed to providing proactive guidance to our group customers and members. Open enrollment is the most critical time of year for employers, employees and their families – a time when anxiety levels can be high in making the right decisions for the coming year. Blue Cross quickly pivoted to meet our customers’ open enrollment needs and provide the best experience in an ever-changing, increasingly virtual environment. To meet our customers where they are, a virtual open enrollment experience has been launched. These new virtual open enrollment events and resources offer employers the chance to bring information about benefit elections for the upcoming plan year directly to their employees and families, 24/7. Leveraging new technology or using online platforms you’ve already adopted this year to share information can help employees make informed decisions about their health plan options.
As part of a broad range of virtual open enrollment resources, Blue Cross is offering an all-new virtual open enrollment expo experience, available online at The virtual expo helps employers share information with employees about the features of their Blue C ross plan, choices for care, how to maximize their online member account as well as share health and well-being resources. Large employers also can work with Blue Cross to customize the experience for their employees. As you consider hosting a virtual event with your open enrollment strategy, be sure to cover the following questions:
  • What’s needed for virtual open enrollment?
  • Is there appropriate technical support?
  • How will I handle specific employee questions?
As not all employees may have a work email address, consider how to reach every worker if you decide to pursue a virtual event. Using webinars or other methods of communicating information may be necessary. Remember, choosing a health plan is a personal choice for everyone. For additional resources, Blue Cross also offers employers materials online in an “Open Enrollment Toolkit” for HMO and PPO plans, located on the page as well as an on-demand open enrollment Master Class. Related:
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