2020 Annual Report: Here for Our Customers

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COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic not only affected the health of our people, but also the functioning of our economy. Businesses large and small furloughed workers and closed doors to comply with state directives intended to slow the spread of the virus. Others continued essential operations, but with a strong emphasis on cleanliness and worker safety. Businesses needed information, insight and support from their health care partner. For more than 80 years, Blue Cross has been committed to serving and offering value to our customers. During the pandemic, we kept customers informed of the latest health care trends and fast-developing efforts to combat COVID-19.
  • Returning more than $100 million in premiums to many fully insured group customers and members
  • Launching a Small Group Customer Help Line, which responded to more than 2,000 questions
  • Building a coronavirus page on bcbsm.com to provide up-to-date information to customers
  • Authoring a series of white papers on Blue Cross’ response to COVID-19
  • Hosting 10 Customer Advisory Council meetings to discuss critical topics, such as return to work, testing, mental health and cost trends
  • Tracking and responding to more than 180 underwriting policy decisions affecting over 1,000 employer group customers
  • Conducting Virtual Well-Being webinars to provide customers with information on supporting employee well-being during COVID-19

Network Advancement

Responding to the needs of our largest group customers for a national, cost-effective and quality network option, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan joined the national launch of the Blue High Performance Network, or Blue HPN. This network option aims to reduce costs, while providing a strong network of quality providers that members can access nationwide. As part of Blue Cross’ broad portfolio of network solutions, leveraging our industry-leading PPO, Blue HPN provides coverage for services from high-performing doctors, hospitals and specialists in over 50 major U.S. markets, making it the industry’s largest and most comprehensive high performance network. The network’s physicians, hospitals and specialists were carefully selected based on factors such as individual performance, participation in value-based care, willingness to become accountable for improving patient outcomes, and efficiency and affordability in care delivery. Blue HPN accelerates a shift toward better outcomes and value through collaboration with local providers - bringing our customers smarter, better health care.

Blue Cross Rewards

Our efforts to help members better understand the wide variety of care access points Blue Cross provides within our network, and how to choose the best and most cost-effective option, accelerated in 2020 with a 61 percent increase in engagement throughBlue Cross Rewards. Launched in 2019, Blue Cross Rewards educates members about their costs for care and incentivizes them for selecting cost-effective providers for non-emergency procedures. This innovative service is built into the member’s online account and helps members select affordable, non-emergency services such as an X-ray, mammogram, CT scan, MRI or colonoscopy.

Blue Cross Coordinated Care

In 2020, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan launched Blue Cross Coordinated Care – a completely redesigned portfolio of care management solutions to personalize and simplify our members’ health care experience. Powered by a focus on personal touch, robust technology and a new digital experience, the Blue Cross Coordinated Care portfolio optimizes health outcomes and delivers personalized support to help meet our members’ specific needs. The portfolio:
  • Simplifies members’ health care experiences
  • Encourages members to get helpful and cost-effective care
  • Offers members personalized support for understanding their benefits
  • Allows employer group customers to select among three levels of solution – Core, Navigator and Advocate – that include access to the BCBSM Coordinated Care digital app and allows members to conveniently connect to clinical support or personalized assistance
To learn more about how Blue Cross Coordinated Care can benefit your company, visit www.bcbsm.com/care-management. Read the full 2020 Annual Report.
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