2021 Annual Report: A Message from Our Chairman of the Board

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Chairman of the Board Gregory A. Sudderth
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has an 83-year track record of increasing access to affordable health care, enhancing patient care and improving the health of Michigan’s citizens and communities. Our deep-rooted strength allowed us to take extraordinary steps to keep the health care ecosystem strong in 2021 amid the pandemic and ensure our members and customers could always be confident about their access to quality, affordable health care. Having a strong business allows us to best serve our members and our customers. That was reinforced in 2021 as the health care industry and economy experienced ongoing disruption and change. As described in the 2021 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Annual Report, we concluded the year from a position of strength. We serve more than 5 million members across all 50 states. We are the third largest Blue plan and sixth largest Medicare Advantage plan in the nation. We rank above the industry average for member experience. A.M. Best confirmed our financial rating of “A Stable,” a key benchmark that allows us to continue investing in our company for our members. With a focus on innovation, we are enhancing partnerships and building new ones to ensure our business remains strong and sustainable for the benefits of our members. From my perspective, our company thrives because we are fueled by a passion to succeed for those we serve. A sharp focus on customer service, innovation and collaboration creates an environment where we can pursue opportunities to grow our business. This is always done purposefully – with the overarching goal of keeping health care coverage affordable and accessible. In this year’s Annual Report, you will see how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan keeps fulfilling its commitments to those we serve while delivering outstanding business results that ensure we continue increasing access to quality, affordable health care coverage.

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