2021 Annual Report: Continuously Improving

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committed to sustaining a culture of continuous improvement throughout our enterprise. To remain our customers’ leading choice for health insurance and serve the diverse health care needs of our members in Michigan and across the nation, our business must evolve to meet dynamic market demands. To make this happen, we empower employees to identify opportunities to deliver better results more efficiently, and drive improvements across the company to deliver better solutions and service to our customers and members. This vision of continuous improvement, launched more than a decade ago by President & CEO Daniel J. Loepp, comes to life every day at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan through a dedicated team – our Continuous Improvement Unit. The CIU works across the enterprise – engaging departments, teams, and employees with a full range of diagnostic tools and training. This approach has reduced administrative costs, optimized technology and process flows, and built transformative capabilities. Since 2011, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has implemented over 750 improvement initiatives delivering measurable impacts. Culturally, our enterprise embraces continuous improvement and expects change. Business outcomes range from improving product quality and productivity, eliminating waste and reducing cost and improving customer and member satisfaction. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been recognized as best in class for delivering improvement programs. Most recently, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan was recognized for our efforts in improving customer experience culture and inquiry resolution by industry organizations, Process Excellence Network (PEX) and Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit and Industry Awards (BTOES). We will continue to be intentional about embracing a culture of continuous improvement, fostering innovation and harnessing ideas from our workforce to drive better outcomes for customers, members, providers, and employees. Go to the full 2021 Annual Report.

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