2021 Annual Report: Leading Through Challenge and Change

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Challenge and change – two of the few things that have been constant since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Through it all, from the early days of the pandemic when little was known about COVID-19, to the distribution of the first vaccines in 2021, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s commitment to our members, customers and communities has remained steady and resolved. We stepped up to provide necessary support to our stakeholders in responding to the pandemic, while continuing to embrace innovation and collaboration, seeking growth opportunities and partnerships, and fulfilling our commitment to stand behind those we serve.

A Message from our President and CEO

The 2021 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Annual Report shows our dedication to those we serve. Our employees work hard to continue earning our position as Michigan’s leading health insurer and advance health care by driving innovation and transformation. Read more from Daniel J. Loepp

A Message from our Chairman of the Board

Our deep-rooted strength allowed us to take extraordinary steps to keep the health care ecosystem strong in 2021 amid the pandemic and ensure our members and customers could always be confident about their access to quality, affordable health care. Read more from Gregory A. Sudderth

Leading the COVID-19 Response

Throughout 2021, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan led the way in adapting to new developments in the response to COVID-19 and mobilizing our resources to serve our members and customers, support Michigan communities and partner with doctors and hospitals to ensure critical access to health care services and vaccines. Read more about our COVID-19 response.

Caring for Seniors

Ensuring our senior members have access to high-quality health care and services is a critical priority. Maintaining a high-quality network of providers and elevated customer service ensures our senior members’ needs are met. In 2021, we took measures to add an individualized touch to our seniors’ experience, in a time when the pandemic posed a serious threat to their physical and mental health. Read more about how we're caring for seniors.

Delivering Quality and Value

Our members view Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a trusted partner, enabling them to find high-quality, affordable health care wherever and whenever they need it. Throughout 2021, we worked proactively to ensure members continued to have the best experience possible, despite the challenges and changes within our communities brought forward by the pandemic. Delivering on this promise of value and quality to members takes a multi-pronged approach across our enterprise. Read more about our approach to quality and value.

Continuously Improving

The best businesses constantly look inward to challenge the way things are done, innovate to improve and become more efficient. We are committed to sustaining this culture of continuous improvement throughout our enterprise. Early in his tenure as President and CEO, Daniel J. Loepp understood the need for the company to evolve to keep pace with dynamic market demands. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Continuous Improvement Unit works across our enterprise – offering a full range of diagnostic tools and staff training to reduce administrative costs, optimize technologies, improve processes and experiences, and build transformative capabilities. Read more about our continuous improvement efforts.

Innovating in Our Solutions

Innovation – identifying what works and making it work even better – is key to leading through challenge and change. We are continually evaluating technologies and improving our digital solutions to provide members with better insights, information and service. Read more about how we are innovating.

Committed to Equality and Equity

Our longstanding efforts around Inclusion and Diversity are sustained at Blue Cross Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan through leadership commitment, and active engagement by employees at every level. From our board of directors’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, to the efforts of President and CEO Daniel J. Loepp to develop not only an inclusive and diverse workplace culture but also to extend our support to organizations within our communities working to address the health disparities faced by minority populations, rural Michiganders and others, we lead with our actions in fostering equity for all Michiganders. Read more about our commitment to equality and equity.

Improving Health and Wellness for All

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committed to promoting health and wellness for all Michiganders. We engage communities across the state to address social determinants of health, aid in removing barriers and inequities and help increase access to services and care. Read more about the steps we are taking.

2021 Financial Results

Careful management of our investment portfolio and strong performance by our non-health insurance subsidiaries in 2021, helped Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan remain in a position to stand behind our stakeholders and communities while keeping our operating margin in the low positive range. Read our 2021 financial performance and view our 2021 Consolidated Financial Statements. Download the 2021 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Annual Report
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