2021 Blue Care Network Annual Report: Letter from Blue Care Network Chairman and Board of Directors

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Bill Black
Like many Michigan businesses, we continued to address challenges introduced by the pandemic. Despite uncertainty of the times, we maintained a relatively stable business performance in 2021, while serving more than 40% of the Michigan HMO market and a membership of more than 830,000. Our risk management strategies continue to be integral to our business as we remain focused on reducing health care costs and improving plan quality. In 2021, our health and benefit management programs saved us more than $133 million in medical and pharmacy costs. Our rebate and discount programs alone saved $84 million for specialty and other expensive medications. These achievements allowed us to reinvest in programs and services to keep our members safe and healthy, such as improving in-home chronic condition management and finding analytical ways to identify and treat at-risk patients. In addition, our staff processed over 240,000 claims for COVID-19 vaccines and treatment, totaling more than $10 million. And our piloted emergency mobile crisis service program supported traveling teams to give care to members in immediate crisis around the state, helping reduce the number of emergency room visits and lowering the cost of care. It’s important that our customers and members get the most for their health care dollars. That’s why we’ll continue to invest in the right partnerships, technologies and programs ― all to create greater value for your investment in us.
William H. Black, Chair
Political & Legislator Director & International Rep, Michigan Teamsters Joint Council 43 Go to the full 2021 Blue Care Network Annual Report.
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