Annual Blue Cross Grand Slam Event Focuses on Member Satisfaction through Agent Knowledge

Brianna Neace

| 3 min read

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This year marked the fifth annual Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Grand Slam Event at which more than 200 Blue Cross agent partners from across the state were invited to learn more about new products, important changes and impactful legislature, such as potential changes to the Affordable Care Act. Held at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit, the two-day event featured more than 20 breakout sessions providing agents with first-hand information to encourage continued success of their agency in a changing provider landscape. Sessions included information on how to drive member value and engagement, the electronic mobilization of health care and specialty products, among other important topics. "The Grand Slam is a terrific networking opportunity and helps us get an awareness of new products, technology and perspective on upcoming legislation and regulation," said Michael Nixon, senior vice president at Hylant Group, which employs more than 110 Blue Cross agents. "It's important for us to understand Blue Cross' views on health care news, especially with imminent changes to the Affordable Care Act forthcoming. I make it a point to attend every year because I find it to be so valuable." While great food, entertainment and exciting announcements were all highlights of the event, according to Amanda Bobrovetski, manager of regional sales at Blue Cross, multiple components of critical information were provided throughout such as the rollout of whYzen agent reporting and Shared Savings as well as changes to our Stop Loss formula and Pharmacy rebates. The event also included a keynote speech by Ben Newman, a bestselling author, performance coach and international speaker. "I really enjoyed Ben Newman's speech," said David Sokol, President/Owner of Wilshire Benefits Group. " His message was great and really hit home. 'We get so caught up in the grind of everyday work that we don't realize the impact we have on our clients' lives. The products we recommend can make the difference in someone's health.' I think that's important for all of us to remember." Much like the health care industry itself, the event continues to evolve. Breakout sessions were introduced in 2015 to provide agents with an opportunity to gain insight into the areas that are applicable to them, instead of a broad stroke approach. Still, it's about more than educating the agents. "This event not only arms agents with a better understanding of Blue Cross member needs, it's a two-way exchange. We're able to provide insight and gain input on what Blue Cross is doing well and what we can improve on," said Aaron MacDonald, director of regional sales at Blue Cross. "It's also a chance to build relationships with the people that do so much for us and our members day-in and day-out." [gallery columns="4" ids="18548,18549,18550,18551,18552,18553,18554,18555,18556,18557,18558"] Photo Credit: The Compass Points Here
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