Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network Approved to Offer 41 Individual Health Plans in Michigan for 2015 Open Enrollment Period

by Carly Getz

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and its HMO subsidiary, Blue Care Network, will offer an extended number of affordable health insurance choices to individuals – a total of 41 product options, an increase from 18 in 2014 – during the 2015 open enrollment period. Blue Cross received approval from state and federal regulators to expand product offerings, while remaining committed to affordability, as indicated by the numerous lowest-in-market product prices in many of Michigan’s 83 counties. “Blue Cross has expanded our number of product choices to give Michigan consumers the opportunity to find health insurance that meets their unique needs at a price that works for their budget,” said Terry Burke, vice president for Individual Business at BCBSM. “Michigan is a very a competitive market for health insurance. Blue Cross’ 2015 individual market offerings are competitively priced, and provide consumers with affordable options and greater flexibility throughout Michigan. If people want a Blue Cross card, they can get it at an affordable price, choose from a large array of products and enroll in a plan with confidence.” During the upcoming 2015 open enrollment, Blue Cross will be one of two carriers to offer products to residents of all 83 Michigan counties. Highlights of the 2015 offerings include:
  • Blue Cross will be offering the lowest priced Catastrophic plan on the marketplace in 78 of Michigan’s 83 counties, and the lowest priced Bronze plan on the Marketplace in 35 of the 83 counties.
  • Two new affordable product lines built on local networks of hospitals and doctors in southeast Michigan, providing additional health plan options to cost-conscious consumers:
    • Metro Detroit Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
      • Lower cost product options with more than 5,000 doctors in-network
      • Coverage in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, St. Clair and Washtenaw counties
      • Includes 25 hospitals in 8 hospital systems
    • Metro Detroit HMO
      • Offering coverage in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties
      • Includes at least 12 hospitals in 4 hospital systems
    • New plans with a designation of “extra,” which pay for unlimited primary care physician visits before deductible; unlimited specialist office visits with up to four visits before deductible; and generic prescription drugs before deductible; co-pays will apply.
    • A new Platinum-level plan offering both a low deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, that also includes comprehensive dental and vision coverage.
  • Complementary products to BCBSM health plans, including:
    • Personal Accident:protects individuals and families from high out of pocket costs by covering expenses resulting from an accidental injury. Can pay for a variety of medical expenses, including x-rays, medication, ambulance services, or for common life expenses bills, mortgage or child care.
    • Hospital Recovery:provides a benefit upon discharge from a hospital stay in order to help pay for services that assist in recovery. Can be used for rehabilitative services, transportation, home care, housekeeping help, child care, to pay daily bills or replace lost wages while away from work.
Both Blue Cross and Blue Care Network will offer plans at the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Catastrophic levels. The new Blue Cross Platinum-level plan will be an option for consumers seeking a richer benefit structure. “Health insurance consumers want a variety of choices and price points, quality coverage that includes the doctors they trust, and health plans to provide the guidance they need in a confusing time,” Burke said. “Our goal at Blue Cross is to offer quality health plans to meet the needs of every customer, and to provide the guidance and support they need to make the right choice for their needs.” The new products become available to Michigan consumers on Nov. 15, when the federally run Health Insurance Marketplace begins taking applications for open enrollment. Products will be available through independent Blue-certified insurance agents and also directly through BCBSM and BCN. The following represent average prices for BCBSM and BCN individual plans to be offered on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace. The prices shown are without the federal subsidy that some individuals may qualify for, which in turn would lower their costs.
Monthly Estimated Premium Range for BCBSM and BCN's Individual ACA-Qualified Health Plans
Pricing does not reflect subsidies; Pending federal regulatory approval
25 year old40 year old60 year old
Catastrophic Plan (2 plans available)$131 - $169$167 - $215$355 - $456
Blue Cross® Premier Value$136 - $169$174 - $215$369 - $456
Blue Cross ® Select Value*$131 - $144$167 - $183$355 - $389
Bronze Plan (12 plans available)$133 - $233$169 - $296$359 - $629
Blue Cross® Premier Bronze Extra$188 - $233$240 - $296$509 - $629
Blue Cross® Premier Bronze$179 - $222$228 - $282$485 - $599
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit EPO Bronze Extra$189 - $191$241 - $244$512 - $517
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit EPO Bronze$180 - $182$230 - $232$488 - $493
Blue Cross® Preferred Bronze Extra*$184 - $230$235 - $292$499 - $621
Blue Cross® Preferred Bronze*$164 - $204$208 - $259$442 - $551
Blue Cross® Select Bronze Extra*$176 - $193$224 - $246$476 - $522
Blue Cross® Select Bronze*$156 - $171$199 - $218$422 - $463
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit HMO Bronze Extra*$160$204$433
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit HMO Bronze*$142$181$384
Blue Cross® Partnered Bronze Extra*$150$190$404
Blue Cross® Partnered Bronze*$133$169$359
Silver Plan (14 plans available)$172 - $321$219 - $408$464 - $867
Blue Cross® Silver Extra with Dental and Vision, a Multi-State Plan$259 - $321$330 - $408$701 - $867
Blue Cross® Silver with Dental and Vision, a Multi-State Plan$250 - $309$319 - $394$677 - $836
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit EPO Silver Extra$244 - $246$310 - $313$658 - $665
Blue Cross® Premier Silver Extra$242 - $299$308 - $381$654 - $809
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit EPO Silver$236 - $239$301 - $304$639 - $645
Blue Cross® Premier Silver$235 - $290$299 - $370$635 - $785
Blue Cross® Preferred Silver Extra*$220 - $274$280 - $349$595 - $741
Blue Cross® Preferred Silver*$212 - $264$269 - $335$572 - $712
Blue Cross® Select Silver Extra*$210 - $231$268 - $293$569 - $623
Blue Cross® Select Silver*$202 - $222$257 - $282$547 - $599
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit HMO Silver Extra*$191$244$517
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit HMO Silver*$184$234$497
Blue Cross® Partnered Silver Extra*$179$227$483
Blue Cross® Partnered Silver*$172$219$464
Gold Plans (12 plans available)$223 - $393$283 - $500$602 - $1,063
Blue Cross® Gold Extra with Dental and Vision, a Multi-State Plan$318 - $393$405 - $500$860 - $1,063
Blue Cross® Gold with Dental and Vision, a Multi-State Plan$299 - $370$381 - $471$809 - $1,000
Blue Cross® Premier Gold Extra$300 - $371$382 - $473$812 - $1,004
Blue Cross® Premier Gold$284 - $351$361 - $446$767 - $948
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit EPO Gold Extra$302 - $305$385 - $388$817 - $825
Blue Cross® Preferred Gold Extra*$285 - $354$362 - $451$769 - $958
Blue Cross® Preferred Gold*$274 - $342$349 - $435$742 - $924
Blue Cross® Select Gold Extra*$272 - $298$346 - $379$735 - $805
Blue Cross® Select Gold*$262 - $287$334 - $366$709 - $777
Blue Cross® Metro Detroit HMO Gold Extra*$247$315$669
Blue Cross® Partnered Gold Extra*$231$294$624
Blue Cross® Partnered Gold*$223$283$602
Platinum Plan (1 plan available)$387 - $479$493 - $609$1,047 - $1,294
Blue Cross® Premier Platinum Extra with Dental and Vision$387 - $479$493 - $609$1,047 - $1,294
Prices listed are statewide averages of individual plan premiums for non-smokers and do not reflect the impact of federal subsidies Plans listed are across all legal entities and delivery systems Not all plans are available in every county Plans listed include Multi-State Plans in Silver and Gold * Denotes BCN plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has entered into an agreement with CMS to provide health insurance coverage through Qualified Health Plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network of Michigan are nonprofit corporations and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. For more company information, visit and Photo Credit: Stacy Brunner

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