Blue Cross Named "Cool Place to Work" by Crain's Detroit Business

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Blue Cross Employee's
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan recently made it on the 2019 Crain’s Detroit Business 100 Cool Places to Work list. This collection of Michigan companies value their employees by providing flexible work hours, social outings, meaningful work, positive culture and more. We’re proud to have made it on the list and asked some of our colleagues why they love working here. This is what they had to say. Elise: I love working at Blue Cross because of the people. Everyone is so friendly and so willing to take time out of their day to help if I need it (which is often as an intern). I also love how passionate BCBSM is about improving the lives of members and how we're always sponsoring events to support meaningful causes. David: My favorite thing about working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has nothing to do with my actual daily responsibilities. The way this large company cares about the important things like work/life balance and employee’s mental health is why I enjoy working here. Brianna: I love working at Blue Cross because it gives me an opportunity to spread awareness about ways everyone can be healthier. Within our team, there’s an amazing amount of camaraderie and teamwork that you just don’t find with every employer and the environment is more diverse and inclusive than at many other places I’ve seen. Jill: I love the work culture at Blue Cross. The inclusive and caring environment is evident in everything we do from promoting healthy lifestyles to really listening to the needs of our audience. I come into work every day happy and eager to take on the day’s challenges. Angela: Aside from getting to work with an awesome group of talented and creative people, one of the things I love most about working for Blue Cross are the professional development opportunities. I’ve been able to use the tuition reimbursement to work on my master’s degree and I also have had an opportunity to join several employee resource networking groups. Lucy: I appreciate the work-life balance offered at Blue Cross and the creative team of coworkers I have. Every day is different, and it’s nice to work together on ways to help Michiganders be healthier and happier. Sindu: I love working for BCBSM as a company, there is a focus on work-life balance, my leaders are always cognizant of the work load on my plate and serve as the voice of reason when I am on the verge of over-extending myself. Being a working mom with two kids, I am very appreciative of this. Apart from this, all levels of leaders, including senior leadership, are very accepting of new ideas and innovative ways of doing things. Julie: A lot of companies tout their diversity and inclusion programs in marketing materials, but my experience working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is one of total immersion for employees. From your first day on the job, you get an education about why valuing differences in people – co-workers and members – is a vaulted and celebrated priority here. The values of acceptance and welcoming play out throughout the culture, in numerous training and volunteer opportunities and in face-to-face learning sessions. I know I’ve grown as a person through many of the diversity and inclusion offerings we have at Blue Cross and I think it’s cool that everyone who embarks on a career here can feel valued and accepted for who they are. Grace: I love working at BCBSM because of the brave, intelligent and kind people I work with. I also appreciate the autonomy and trust I have from my manager to work hard and get things done. Lauren: We are honored to be among Crain’s 100 Cool Places to Work. When our workplace culture continues to be recognized for this respected distinction, it confirms that we are doing a lot of things right. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like:
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