Members elect 11 to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Board of Directors

Helen Stojic

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DETROIT, May 29, 2024, — On May 23, 2024, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members elected 11 individuals to the company’s board of directors. The elected slate is part of the 35 directors who make up the full board. “The integrity of our board of directors is ensured because our members have a direct influence in choosing its structure,” said Daniel J. Loepp, Blue Cross president and CEO.
The 11 elected board members and their components are as follows:
  • Patrick Byers—Large and medium group labor
  • Joseph Garcia—At large
  • Yousif Ghafari—Large and medium group management
  • Diane Goddeeris, R.N., B.S.N.—Provider
  • Kerry Kaysserian, D.D.S.—Provider
  • Chandra Madafferi—Large and medium group labor
  • Kevin Moore—Large and medium group labor
  • Phillip Pierce—Small group and individual
  • Scott Serota—At large
  • Gregory Sudderth—Small group and individual
  • Brad Thompson —Large and medium group management
Gregory A. Sudderth of Traverse City was reelected as board chairman, and F. Remington Sprague, M.D. of Muskegon, vice chairman.
Sudderth is founder and president of CIR Inc. dba Executive Labor–Management Services Inc., a company specializing in addressing the needs of private and public sector employees and their respective local unions.
“Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan benefits immensely from the expertise and innovative approach that Greg Sudderth brings to guiding our board of directors,” said Loepp. “His persistent engagement and leadership will be especially important as the company navigates a rapidly evolving health care ecosystem.”
Sprague is the retired vice president and chief medical officer of Mercy Health Muskegon (now Trinity Health Muskegon), a faith-based health care organization committed to delivering high quality, comprehensive, accessible and personalized care.
“Dr. Sprague is a tremendous asset to our enterprise. He has a keen insight of the urgent issues affecting our company’s varied stakeholders,” said Loepp.
The 2024-2025 Blue Cross board seats 35 directors. Eight seats are filled by medical professionals, six seats are filled by individual subscribers and small groups, and four seats are at large. A seat is filled by the company’s chief executive officer. The remaining 16 seats are filled by Blue Cross customers from large and medium group management and labor.
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