Women Who Lead: Blue Cross Executive VP Tricia Keith Honored by WJR Listeners

Julie Bitely

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Image of Tricia Keith speaking at a 2018 Michigan Humane Society adoption event at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Detroit campus.
Take risks, forget the idea of balance and show up. That’s advice Tricia Keith, executive vice president, chief of staff and corporate secretary at Blue Cross, shared on a recent WJR Women Who Lead podcast. Keith is one of 12 women nominated by WJR listeners “as a woman in the Great Lakes area making a difference.” Keith said she loves working for BCBSM and particularly relishes the role she played in helping the company move back downtown, which was integral to the city of Detroit’s resurgence. “What I love about this company … is that we can make really good business decisions that are good for the community and I’m personally so motivated about a personal responsibility to health and wellness, so that really aligns with what we do here,” she said. Along with her responsibilities at Blue Cross, Keith serves on many boards and committees in metro Detroit and in the state, including the Detroit Business Improvement Zone, Detroit Regional Chamber, Downtown Detroit Partnership, The Parade Company and the Central Michigan University Board. Serving in these varied volunteer roles gives her energy, Keith said, which is key to her continued engagement. Instead of seeking balance, she prefers to choose commitments that get her excited and tie into her core beliefs. “You’ll be surprised by what you can do when it really fits with your personal beliefs,” Keith explained. She believes in taking risks and advises young women and men to not limit themselves to only what they know. Staying in a profession or any obligation because it’s safe isn’t worth being unhappy. “Be a little willing to take a risk and if it doesn’t work out, the next thing might,” she said. There’s power in showing up, every day. “The world is run by those who show up,” is one of Keith’s favorite quotes. “Showing up is not just about physically being there, but when you’re there, it’s actively speaking and leading and being part of that and choosing to engage in the things that you get really excited about,” she said. Listen to the full podcast here. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like these:
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