Blue Cross is Clear Choice for Employers When It Comes to Pharmacy Benefits


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Don’t think of your company’s pharmacy coverage in isolation. Behind every pill is a larger medical problem. That’s why Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is uniquely suited to give you the best all-in-one health care coverage package for your employees. Combining the expertise and value of Blue Cross’ pharmacy coverage with the strength you depend on for medical coverage can help ensure an even better health plan for your employees. Combining both benefits through Blue Cross gives you and your employees:
  • Improved health through complete coordination of care, medication management, safety checks for drug interactions, physician collaboration programs and other innovative practices exclusive to Blue Cross. Our pharmacists and doctors also evaluate new drug therapies for coverage based on effectiveness and cost efficiency, not exclusive drug manufacturer arrangements.
  • Low net costs due to improved arrangements with our vendors that provide savings on drug costs for our customers, tiered drug lists to steer use of the most appropriate, cost-efficient options, and proven and aggressive fraud, waste and abuse programs. We use prior authorization and other reviews to manage specialty drug use under both pharmacy and medical benefits, while negotiating prices for all forms of these drugs and working with doctors to give members the best, most cost-effective options.
  • Better member experience. We make managing health care easier with one card for all care – and all the benefits that come with it. That means one out-of-pocket maximum, one deductible, one online member account and password, one mobile app, one customer service team and one welcome experience, all with access to a large national pharmacy network.
  • Better customer value through robust pharmacy programs that balance cost with care. Customers have one point of contact for all health benefits, easier plan administration, fewer vendors to manage, a better employee experience and unparalleled pharmacy and clinical expertise.
Not convinced? The results of combining medical and pharmacy coverage speak for themselves:
  • Customers may save up to 5.8 percent on their medical claims when they combine medical and pharmacy coverage.*
  • Members ranked Blue Cross first in member satisfaction among commercial health care plans in Michigan in the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Member Health Plan Study.
Overall, we’ve made Blue Cross pharmacy coverage an even better value for your company’s health care dollars. It’s pharmacy coverage as it should be. Learn more on how integrated medical and pharmacy benefits positively impact your business' bottom line here. *Based on 2016 large group claims analysis into seven diseases: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, asthma, depression, diabetes and hypertension. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like:
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