Blueprint Expansion Gives More Members Access to Patient-Focused, Coordinated Care

Steve Carrier

| 2 min read

SVP, Network Management & Provider Partner Innovatio...

Nurse helping a patient
When you see your doctor for your annual exam, or when you go for bloodwork at the outpatient center, it’s likely the medical professionals at those two sites are connecting with each other while keeping track of your health information. Throughout Michigan, it’s likely that the people who provide your care—from your family doctor to your cardiologist to the therapist—are sharing information about your health in order to better coordinate your care. For you, that means a smoother health care experience, and better access to appropriate care when you need it. And that saves money. It’s all a part of the Blueprint for Affordability program we announced in December with seven leading health organizations in Southeast Michigan. Now, seven more health organizations have joined the program, extending into mid-Michigan, West Michigan, and the northern Lower Peninsula. Blueprint expands the clinical quality work we’ve done with health providers statewide over the last 15 years. Those collaborations rewarded providers for making changes that improved the quality of health care. The Blueprint program is a giant step forward, because providers are putting a portion of their payment at risk for the first time. Under this value-based agreement, providers will be paid according to how well they manage quality and cost of care for their Blue Cross patients. If an organization keeps its cost below target and meets its quality metrics, they share in the savings generated. But if cost or quality goals are not met, the organization will rebate Blue Cross, and ultimately its customers, a portion of the amount that was overspent. The model encourages health care professionals to coordinate patient care, working together to better manage patients’ health across all points of care, close gaps, stop redundant services and prevent complications. Again, that saves money. We at Blue Cross are encouraged by these first groups of health systems and physician organizations to jump aboard the Blueprint for Affordability program. It means more of our members will have access to quality, coordinated patient-centered care, throughout Michigan. Learn more at Photo credit: SDI Productions
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