Podcast: Understanding Health Care Private Exchanges

Angela Hernandez

| 1 min read

Jason Hover, vice president of private exchange, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. In this episode of the MI Blues Perspectives podcast, Social Media Manager, David Murray sits down with Jason Hover, vice president of private exchange for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Jason is responsible for driving the company's strategy and solutions in the private exchange market. In a private exchange, companies give their employees an allowance so they can go shopping for a plan that fits their lifestyle and needs. Highlights of the show include:
  • What private exchanges are and how they work.
  • How employers are moving away from a one-sized fits all approach to health coverage.
  • How private exchanges help alleviate how difficult and time-consuming it can be to choose the right insurance plan options for employees.
If you’d like information about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's private exchange options, visit bcbsm.com/exchange. If you enjoyed this blog, you may be interested in reading:
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