What Blue Cross Members Can Expect from Blueprint for Affordability

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Has your health care provider joined Blueprint for Affordability? It’s a collaborative effort between physician organizations and health care systems from across Michigan that’s helping to lower costs and increase positive clinical outcomes. Aside from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, notable partners include United Physicians, Oakland Southfield Physicians, Henry Ford Health System and Michigan Medicine. What can members expect? Members can expect increased coordination between primary care physicians, hospitals and specialists. Doctors will have access to more streamlined data, allowing them to make more informed treatment decisions. The overall goal of Blueprint for Affordability is to improve health, while reducing costs. Providers will share in the financial burden, helping to manage care and its associated fees. That includes taking preventive measures to avoid unnecessary services that would lead to additional charges. As a result, members are more engaged with their health care decisions and can accurately forecast out-of-pocket expenses. What’s the true cost of care? In 2016, Blue Cross members visited the emergency room 672,000 times. Of those trips, analysis shows that nearly half—44%—could have been avoided by visiting a primary care physician or an urgent care provider. With the average ER claim costing $1,368, it remains an expensive but common occurrence. Members who have a closer partnership with their primary doctor and a better understanding of their options, may address their needs differently. Diagnostic imaging, bloodwork and other exams can be expensive for both patient and provider. Members can expect fewer potentially unnecessary tests and exams, reducing the risk of over-diagnosis and needless radiation exposure. This will also lower the number of office and hospital visits, which means less copays. What’s the long-term impact? Built off the foundation of Blue Cross’ Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, members will receive sound health recommendations that are necessary and effective. Preventive and management techniques will be tailored to fit each person’s needs. More importantly, they will learn how to be an active participant in their own care at home and beyond. Blueprint for Affordability is just one part of Blue Cross’ ongoing effort to make Michigan health care accessible. For more information about the initiative and its partners, visit: www.blueprintforaffordability.com Related stories:
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