5 Ways Employers Can Promote a Healthy Work Environment


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How Employers Can Promote a Healthy Work Environment
Your employees are the most important aspect of a successful business. Keeping them happy and healthy is key to keeping your business productive. In fact, 67 percent of employees are more productive in workplaces that promote a healthy work environment, Future Workplace, an HR advisory and research firm, found. A healthy work environment leads to one hour or more of improved productivity each day in workplaces that supported employee wellness. In and out of the office, there are multiple ways employers can improve the workplace to keep their employees happy and motivated. Here are five quick tips to creating a healthy, happy work environment.
  1. Allow for personalized spaces. Allowing your employees to personalize their workspace goes a long way towards making them feel more comfortable. Allow them to hang pictures, keep fresh flowers or live plants and even use a standing desk. Providing these options for your employees goes a long way towards keeping them happy.
  2. Offer personalized benefits. Your employees are going to want different benefits that fit their unique lifestyle. Some may want dental and vision coverage while others may prefer gym subsidies. That’s why Blue Cross created Coverage for Companies, a private health exchange that allows your employees to shop their benefits based on their budget and their needs. Offering personalized benefits are a great start towards improving employee productivity.
  3. Rethink your workplace. According to the Future Workplace study, air quality, lighting and temperature ranked as the top factors for positive influence on wellness. Ask yourself if your work environment is comfortable. Is there enough light or are you near a polluted area? If so, consider opening blinds, purchasing light fixtures or even investing in an air purifier.
  4. Encourage breaks. Let’s face it: keeping focus for eight hours straight is hard even for the most motivated employees. Allow your employees to step outside for fresh air, go on a walk or, simply step aside from their computers to give their eyes a short rest. Working smart is just as important as working hard.
  5. Focus on company culture. Companies come in various shapes and sizes and each one has a unique culture. Give your employees options to bond with each other outside a stressful work environment. That could include starting a morning running club on the weekends, watching a weekly sports game or encouraging employees to eat lunch together on Fridays. Employees feel motivated when they enjoy what they are doing with people they enjoy spending time with.
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