Blue Cross IT Internships: A Hands-On Opportunity for Aspiring Industry Pros


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Blue Cross IT Interns Share Their Internship Outlook
While many college students use the summer as a chance to relax and prepare for the coming school year, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan IT interns spend these months learning as much as possible and leaving their mark on the organization. Unlike internships that mostly involve busywork and administrative duties, Blue Cross IT interns get involved in actual information technology work. They tackle projects that develop career-building skills and contribute ideas and insights that support real, cross-team projects. This year, Blue Cross recruited 190 interns across more than 50 departments, with IT interns making up 52 of these talented young professionals. So what’s it like actually being one of these interns? We connected with some of the current group at a recent team mixer to find out:
  • Chris Schram, a first-year Project Delivery Services intern: “It’s exciting to be able to take what I’m learning in school and apply it in a large-scale environment like Blue Cross. At the end of the day, it’s all a valuable learning process. I know I’m working to develop skills that will help me perform at my best throughout my professional career. One thing I appreciate the most is that I’m working on projects that are valuable to our team in the long-run.”
Blue Cross IT Internships: A Hands-On Opportunity for Aspiring Industry Pros
  • Scout Case, a second-year IT Corporate Services intern: “When I got the phone call that I had been offered a position, it was one of the most exhilarating, rewarding calls I’ve ever received. I see this internship as a time of exploration. Even though I’m a Computer Engineering major, I think it’s cool that I am able to extend myself outside of that focus. My eyes have been opened to a variety of career paths in IT, showing me there really is a place for me here at Blue Cross!”
Blue Cross IT Internships: A Hands-On Opportunity for Aspiring Industry Pros
And it’s not just current interns who are excited about their positions – Blue Cross IT employees in our Graduate Immersion Program continue to develop and succeed in their careers.
Blue Cross IT Internships: A Hands-On Opportunity for Aspiring Industry Pros
  • Ammar Nasser, an IT Graduate Immersion Program member (Data Analyst): “Since starting as an intern five years ago, my soft skills, technical skills and level of responsibility have increased. I’ve been able to learn the operations and processes of various teams, even getting the opportunity to operate in leadership roles. While it has been demanding and fast-paced, I’ve certainly been pushed to grow. I’m also in constant communication with my team lead to discuss my responsibilities, any obstacles I may be facing, goals I’m working to accomplish and how I’m tracking against those goals. This helps us establish a connection with, and greater understanding of, one another.”
  • Brianna Vanleer, an IT Graduate Immersion Program member (Business Analyst): “When I joined the company I was fortunate to be able to translate the skills I acquired from my previous job in the banking industry to my current position. I have since been driven to continually expand my knowledge by receiving my Project Management & Leadership certification, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (each of which have increased the value I bring to the organization). In addition, I often take the experiences of my colleagues and leadership as a guide on how to navigate within the company. I’m truly grateful that I get to work with a team of outgoing people who encourage me to continually develop and succeed.”
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