Businesses Find their Competitive Edge with Specialty Benefits


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Unemployment in Michigan is less than 5 percent, which means there is a lot of competition among companies to hire (and keep) the most talented employees. So how can businesses stand out? Employees pay attention to who offers the best benefits, health plans, 401K matching, vacation time and other perks. In fact, 57 percent of people ranked benefits as a top consideration before accepting a job and 80 percent of people valued benefits that they can customize to their specific ages and circumstances. How do businesses up the ante and make their benefits packages more robust than their competitors? They add specialty benefits like disability, accident, hospital recovery, critical illness and life insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network. Offering specialty benefits is completely customizable. Just pick and choose which of these specialty benefit plans match an employee’s needs and the organization’s bottom line. These added plans can help with the cost of personal debts, medical bills, living expenses and more, so employees can worry less about their families’ finances if unexpected events occur. Offering these additional health benefits shows current and future employees that their company truly values their health and financial well-being – who wouldn’t want to work for a company like that? If you’re a business looking to get the competitive edge you’ve been missing, visit our website or reach out directly to learn more about your specialty benefit options. We’ll work with you to customize a plan that fits your needs and budget. Photo Credit: Raw Pixel

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