Experience and Mentorship Helped IT Director Create a Meaningful Career


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Empowering people and businesses to succeed has always been a passion for IT Services and End User Experience Director Logan Montgomery. He understands the needs of Blue Cross employees – the IT Services team’s end user. In his role, Montgomery works with internal teams to identify technology-related issues and create innovative solutions. He facilitates IT Services’ processes and capabilities to ensure Blue Cross can conduct its day-to-day services for members.
Experience and Mentorship Helped IT Director Create a Meaningful Career
Logan Montgomery, IT Services and End User Experience Director “It’s our job to interpret what employees’ needs are and how we can help them engage with our members,” Montgomery says. “I’m grateful for the experience I’ve gained because it helps me understand how our services can contribute to Blue Cross’ overall success.”

Elements of an IT Career

Montgomery has held a number of positions in the information technology field during the course of his 20+ year career. “I’ve worked in almost every aspect of IT from business engagement to executive leadership, and have gotten a broad perspective into how it is used to execute a company’s strategy and what professionals need to do their jobs efficiently,” says Montgomery. “In fact, I would say that the daily engagement I have with others, and the opportunity to learn from them, is the most fascinating part of my job.” Montgomery also attributes his career path to the power of mentorship and education. “I didn’t get here by myself. I have a network of people that have mentored, educated and advocated for me along my journey,” says Montgomery. “They shared their personal experiences which, in turn, helped me build my knowledge base to traverse my own path.”

Creating a Successful Career in Blue Cross IT Services

So what’s the key to a successful IT career? Being able to work together. Montgomery calls Blue Cross employees the “kings of collaboration.” “We don’t just send emails and wait for a response. We’re fully engaged with one another through discussion,” says Montgomery. “A lot of organizations work hard to get their teams to collaborate, but here, it’s a skill that’s vital for executing our goals and mission.” Another skillset that drives employee success? A deep understanding of technology and being proactive in learning how it’s consumed in the real world. “There are so many devices and ways of engaging with others that having a view through one medium is not enough,” says Montgomery. “You have to understand how technology is delivered and how people use it to communicate.” Montgomery shares that commitment to ongoing learning and education is vital to success in the IT field. “I look at it like adding to your “toolbox.” No matter what job you go to, you have your tool belt and your toolbox,” says Montgomery. “You’ve got to add more skillsets to your box as you go along in your career to be successful in whatever position you’re in, whether it’s technical, business or leadership, it’s all about what you bring to the table.” IT Services employees frequently attend conferences, knowledge-share with other Blue Cross companies and participate in internal trainings. Employees are also encouraged to continue their formal education through online, evening or weekend courses. This constant investment in the employees’ knowledge helps Montgomery and the rest of the IT Services team stand out from the crowd. Visit these MI Blues Perspectives blogs to learn more about careers in Blue Cross IT:
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